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I'd been hoping the weather would smile; I wish [personal profile] goddessfarmer and my daughter had felt up to it;  Nevertheless, I had an excellent, strenuous day with my younger son.  We started on the Cabin Trail from NH Rt. 113A, then up the Big Rock Cave Trail to
the caves for lunch, then on up the Old Paugus Trail towards the summit.   When we reached the Bee Line Trail junction, I realized I had misjudged the distance; we were 0.7 miles short of Paugus' summit.   We talked, and in light of the blowdowns we had been struggling with, decided to go on.  We did at least 5 miles, some of it quite steep and rough, in about 2.5 hours and got back to the road at 1730.  The last black raspberries of the season were just ripening in several sheltered places at about 2500 feet.  Our route didn't have any attractive running water after the Whitin Brook crossing, and we were pretty dry when we got to the car; my son drank a half-gallon cooler himself in the course of the drive home.

Restaurant review:  Pizza Barn on NH Rt. 16 in Ossipee is about what you'd expect for a place serving people going to and from ski and vacation destinations in the Whites - pricey (large pizza w/2 toppings was $20) and the service was not fast, though we might have done better on other than Labor Day.  The pizza was generously topped, but the cheese and sauce were too thick and damp to  impress people who like NY-style thin crust. Of course, sometimes I wish they would go to Rome for their pizza, rather than coming up here and complaining about ours...


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