Jun. 8th, 2017

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Trackwork at Seashore: Friday morning I helped John and Charlie install gauge rods in the grade crossing on the way to Highwood barn. In the afternoon we assessed the subsidence of track 3 in South Boston barn, which had brought #38's roof into contact with the side walls. Saturday we dug out about a cubic meter of wet sand and three decayed ties by hand. Replacement ties went in on a few inches of rock. It got the track usable, but really solving the problem requires a lot more rock and raising the track farther above the water table.

Sunday and Monday I operated streetcars at Seashore. The Insight did very well, averaging 77.7 MPG on the two round trips. But its door and ignition locks are wearing out. I will see what Honda Barn says about replacing them: something I could probably do with the shop manuals open, but one can hope getting the right parts would be easier for them? We'll see.

Wednesday my barn well pump stopped as I was washing my cars. Tinkering hints that both the DC-DC converter and the pump may be dead, though I can't be sure about the pump till it's pulled out of the well. If bad weather prevents trackwork tomorrow I will get on the phone.

I re-lit the oil furnace for the cold days early this week, and the tank isn't yet exhausted. From what I saw in my watering can, the storm might have given us 5 cm or more. Unsettled weather is preventing hay-making, but I did do a little mowing of the tractor road. The beavers have raised their dam across Sawyer's Hill Brook, resulting in water a foot above the tractor road at the culvert below the seasonal cascade from the upper swamp. Fruit set looks good on everything except the three earliest pears.

Future: I've got everything in place to get rid of $FormerCompany$, but I have not addressed the sailboat, taking down the wind generator or getting bodywork done on the 1951 Chevy. After the barn well is fixed and this year's winter rye is harvested, perhaps. Meanwhile, if I have any anger to work out, it can go into the beaver dam.


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