Apr. 29th, 2017

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The early pears (Summercrisp, Nova) flowered after the first 80F day about the middle of April. But they didn't make even half the flowers they do in a good year. The north side of both trees is particularly sparse. The Reliance peach flowered at the same time, normal coverage of the tree. Seems like my sour cherry will also have full coverage. But another pear that came in this week is also partial - only the last one has normal coverage. We'll see about the apples - the crab has good coverage, none of the others are open enough to tell yet.

Six little seedling rhubarbs made it through the winter. First asparagus shoots just visible today. Blueberry flowers starting to open. The elm by the driveway flowered two weeks ago. Now it's dropped its flowers and is just starting to leaf out. Lilac buds are at the point where you can tell the color of the future flowers. Watching the pawpaw open its buds more closely than I have in previous years.

Renewed my trolley operator's license, made a first visit to the Lowell NHS trolley operation. Did some research on the B&M records in Lowell too, and found enough to build the final piece of main line benchwork for my layout. Of course, it will only have temporary track till I have the rather complicated bridge researched and built. Operated the Valley Jct. RR last night, my first try at the traditional 'Dispatcher in the office' role. There were a few things I could have made go smoother, but better documentation and communication by the train crews would have helped there too.


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