Oct. 8th, 2016

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Today was Transit Day at Seashore, when the subway & bus enthusiasts show up to trot out their favorite equipment. Subway cars are a part of many people's experience, but they need high platforms, heavy-duty track and lots of power. So we can't use them in regular daily service. I ran one trip and was conductor for two more, then helped put streetcars away (getting all the subway cars out had tangled up a couple of our carbarns).

Tonight I ate a Hodgies' banana split (nominally 3 of their scoops) for dinner. And a couple of bites of leftover pork chop after I got home & fed the various critters.

The high point of Thursday and Friday was the top of the wind generator - I'd noticed the furling mechanism had failed in late summer, so it was time to climb up and assess the damage: My 1st climb revealed failures of both the cable and the fairlead guiding it out of the top of the slip-ring box and around to where it could pull the tail over. Bergey discontinued this model quite a few years ago, so the 2nd climb had two purposes: First, take pictures so they could see which version I had, and if they had any replacement parts. Second, get the non-functioning windmill furled so it doesn't run wild in storm winds. Success.

My other big goal for those two days was getting my political donations out while they could still have some effect. We'll see.

Tuesday & Wednesday were slow days - the combination of staying up too late working in the attic Sunday and a chilly house gave me a cold. Sunday was the first time I'd spent more than an hour or two on the layout since April - I finished re-staging it, added lighting to three passenger cars and repaired the diode matrix for the west end of Draw staging.

Pawpaws continue to fall. Chestnuts are ripe. One of the cherry tomatoes continues to produce. I pulled the hoses I'd been using to water the garden - 1.5" of rain last week and the end of the growing season. About 1/3 of the storm windows on the house, oil tank filled. Got the PTO saw back from the sharpening guy: $66, haven't tried it yet. The rhubarbs from seed seem to be doing well.


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