Aug. 23rd, 2016

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Tonight I found four small-to-medium ears and steamed/ate them. Only one had reached the maturity I like, but none were pale and fragile. Two had lost some kernels to something that had gnawed through the husk. I'll probably have some more next week, but the drought has left me with a lot of plants which may not get past the 'baby corn' stage.

The last field of winter rye is still harvestable, and the farmers have gotten more of the sling bags, so I'll take a shot at it Thursday. But soon it will be time to clean out the combine & store it till next year.

3.5 cm of rain Sunday night - hardly any wind here, so I didn't get up to close windows. We're still short enough that watering just sinks into the garden, though that and dew from cool nights is greening up my lawn. The seedless grapes are pretty much done, so back to tomatoes as the 'fruit' part of my diet.

Several days of work on the paddock fence has it back to decent shape. The bees didn't mind people working a few yards from their hives and a lot of wild honeysuckle, poison ivy and bittersweet has been yanked out. And I did a little blacksmithing today so a gate could be properly secured.

I've attempted to order my new battery bank from a quote, but nobody at the distributor has gotten back to me; I'll call the manufacturer in Canada if I don't get an answer this week.

I spent Monday practicing to be an operator at Seashore, and was asked to go up again Wednesday, as there will be several bus tours plus a children's reading event. If I drive up in a hurry, I pay NH $2 for ~12 mi. of I-95 and ME $3 ($4 SB) for ~17 mi. But I've found a fairly direct toll-free alternative that uses only 300 m. of Rt. 1. And it might even be faster during peak weekend vacation travel.

The Mass Pike's new open road tolls appear to up the cost of I-290 - I-291 from $1.50 to $2.65 if I don't sign up for an EZPass. And per today's Globe, they're spending ~$130M rebuilding the exits w/o tollbooths, but only saving about $5M/year, much less than promised when the project was proposed.


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