Aug. 17th, 2016

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My sleep was interrupted last night, but not by a thunderstorm making me close the windows. The USAF and Air National Guard use an old bomber base 25 km northeast of me. Last night they flew four heavy jets out starting at 0230. They are exempt from sound control rules; their engines are easy to recognize because of how loud they are, and they don't bother to go out over the ocean to climb to cruising altitude.

Maybe it was the ANG trying to keep planes clear of a thunderstorm. Maybe something secret. This isn't the first time. Someday it'll matter how conspicuous this cowboy behaviour makes them; at night I would have needed binoculars to know the plane type, but 100,000 people knew how many and anyone who stepped to a window knew the course.

Tomatoes doing well. First ear of corn is imminent. ~2 CM of rain over the weekend, maybe 2 MM yesterday evening. Weight is about 94 kg. on mostly corn as my starch. Clearing the paddock required finishing the elm & maple firewood in not-ideal weather.

Good to see Bill at NOFA. Now I know more about cucurbit pests and diseases. I'm going to try sheet composting. And I did some railfanning on the trips out and back. Foldy Bike gave good service, even when my skin was slick with sweat. Amherst Motel's WiFi didn't work in my room, so IMO it was overpriced.


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