Aug. 2nd, 2016

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Last week I noticed one apple on the Beacon tree, but when I looked Sunday it was on the ground with a rotten core and a hole eaten in one side. So I got some of it, but I'm not spotting any others.

There are likely to be chestnuts on both trees. The resident squirrels have found the hazelberts before they're really ripe and are leaving remains here and there on the lawn. I need to follow a few of them to their nests.

The weekend's hike appears to have reset my weight to about 206, which pleases me. Saw the Dr. this afternoon about a spot on my arm, which was pronounced harmless. BP & pulse also satisfactory a few minutes after running up the stairs.

M planted two of the rhubarb seedlings, which seem to be doing well. Several of the small tomatoes are producing, but there are also signs of infection in a couple.

Thinking my next hike should be North Weeks via the York Pond and Kilkenny Ridge trails. But that will have to wait for progress on the rye. Which will be attempted tomorrow.

There's been some progress on the battery replacement, and I've dealt with reservations and organization for the major September activities. But Town issues remain unopened. And I still haven't been in the Atlantic this year. Hi ho, no rest for the wicked...


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