Aug. 1st, 2016

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Wed. & Thu. got the combine fixed again, but late in the afternoon. I got another 3/4 bin off the field before thunderstorms arrived. Parked till it dries out, maybe by Wed 8/3?

Over the weekend I spent time with old friends on lakes in Maine, with a hike up Moat Mtn. on Saturday. The trail was as hot, dry and unrelenting in its ascent over the ledges as I remembered from decades ago, but I didn't meet any others till I started back from Middle Moat and the views and the blueberries were excellent. I beat book time going up, but not coming down. I'm not sure a full 2 MPH is realistic on that rocky downgrade.

Sunday I drove home, badgered by traffic on NH 16. Happily, I had pleasant visits to three museums that aren't (quite) on Rt. 16.

Today started out well: To complete the New England 4000-footers, I only need to climb the Horn on Saddleback and Mt. Abraham (near each other in Maine). I can do them alone, but company would be nicer. Alas, neither is a starter hike.

The Civic is at the body shop; postponing work on the rusting door saves more than $1K!

It got somewhat worse: I had to prod my Dr.'s bureaucrats for a checkup, which won't be till October. But they'll see me for a spot on my arm tomorrow.

Then I heard that a young person I know, and see a bit of myself in, had a setback in tests. IMO his schools are trying to do far too much with 8 year-olds, but not my culture.

Then I tried to buy detachable link chain, only to find the manual doesn't give the size of one that needs replacement.

Then I tried to buy new solar batteries. Hours trolling around web sites, trying to get dimensions, capacity and terminal layouts. One major US manufacturer has completely fact-proofed their site, even using Google to search it. My FB query collected a little useful info, but the rest of the FB stream is dismaying to say the least.

Corn grows, tomatoes ripen, the horse chestnut I thought was dead has put out leaves. Good, because the builder's crew has cut off all the seedlings I hoped to save from Nbpt.


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