Jul. 26th, 2016

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I got less than 1 cm of rain from Saturday's thunderstorms, but lots of spectacular views of late afternoon sun on the clouds as I drove back from Auburn.

Sunday I repaired B-69872's broken cradle hanger with the 2nd from the parts combine. Today I ordered the 29/64" drill rod to make several more. I must figure out why the Scour-Kleen's tailings auger chain broke rather than just replace it and hit the field again. But I haven't found time to take it apart yet. Maybe this AM.

Monday I worked on landscaping at my parents' house, ending the day at sunset having rigged up a hose to water a rhododendron we decided to move. The soil there was powder-dry, and I haven't gotten that dirty below the knees since the last time I stepped in a mud hole barefoot.

A bit more rain finally came Monday night, in two quiet showers. Not even 1 cm here. But plants with leaves above ground stayed wet till morning, which helps. I put the Boston Ferns outside under an elm the other day. I started cleaning their home in the dining room today, but I really shouldn't put them back till the wall is cleaned & their table given some furniture polish etc.

[afterthought] I'm losing weight by substituting 4 ears of sweet corn and a big chunk of a non-marketable tomato for the pasta I usually cook for dinner: 208-ish this morning, down from 211 or so when I got home from Indianapolis.


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