Jul. 21st, 2016

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Tuesday I found the sweet corn planted on the 14th was up, likely helped by Monday's rain. And I finished fixing the mountain bike Eldest had left here, and rode it to the Town Offices and the farmstand (different trips). I also found I'd underestimated how much water the new inverter's charge cycles were boiling out of my batteries, so the tops of all their plates got dry. They were due for replacement, but now I need to get it done before Labor Day. The overnight temperature was 58F, so blanket & bedspread were reinstalled.

Wednesday I made landscaping decisions in Nbpt. and got my modules back from Marlboro. Rush hour on 495 stank, but I didn't have anything better to do out that way, so I stayed in it to get home earlier.

Today: blueberries are gone. Black raspberries and mulberries are fading, leaving me fruitless till the Pawpaws come in October. But I should have at least cherry tomatoes before the end of the month.

The rye is about ready, so it's 'work on the combine day'. This morning saw it all together, this afternoon should see it greased and turned over, initially by hand, then by the tractor. I don't want to take it on the road when commuters would get tense, so it might not head for the field till tomorrow.

Back to clambering around it & getting greasy...


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