Jul. 14th, 2016

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300 km west, the radar image gave me hope of a couple of CM of rain. But it thinned and broke up as it approached the coast, so today brought about 20 minutes of light rain this morning and another 10 at sunset, not even 1 CM. My Nova pear is losing its leaves, as it did last summer. I need to photograph it & get leaf specimens; black spots on the leaves could be Fireblight but the tree resisted that for its first 15 years just fine.

All of the corn I've planted is up. It would be optimistic to plant the rest of the tilled area tomorrow, but I do have more soaker hose and a distaste for wasting the remaining seed. The remaining repairs to the combine will take a few hours, then it will be greasing and set-up. But today's damp won't hurry the grain maturing and drying.

I've never used the term 'polymath' to describe myself, but now I'm wondering. If I did, would it help me find a partner? I've always thought I wanted a peer as a partner, but some people turn away from me at first glance, others wait a while.

I don't know a term for 'individual who easily adapts to different social circles'. But I am one. I've had, at times, as many as four different and more or less incompatible circles of friends. I take the groups and individuals as they come, which I've found effective for dealing with people in general. Individuals sometimes change themselves to suit circumstances, but it's safer to bet they'll run headlong at an obstacle that reflects on their self-image. But I gather this is uncommon, so it's also been an obstacle in my relationships.


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