Jul. 4th, 2016

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Nice machine, but no longer young. Saturday the Pike stank on ice. Congestion at Auburn, a jam caused by a line unable to find parking at the rest stop, fairly smooth at Sturbridge. But then a 30 minute crawl across the Quaboag River (a mile down, a mile up, another mile down). When I passed the apparent accident scene, there were two cruisers, an ambulance and nothing else. Did someone try to cross the highway? If so, was the 30 min. delay solely due to gawkers?

So after that crawl, not as much power as I expected. Mileage went into the toilet (achieving a mere 68 MPG became difficult). Drew the battery down. I got off the highway near the border and found it was OK at ~40 MPH. So NY did not get all the tolls it might have expected. NTS: 20, being farther north, is flatter than 20A. A plus was gassing up chez Seneca for $1.90/gal. NY 5 along Lake Erie is not as fast, but has better views.

This morning, after a few minutes on the road, I noticed kind of a stumble as I was feathering the accelerator down toward my target of 75 MPG and all of a sudden it was much happier. Had I been missing a cylinder, or maybe just one of the multiple plugs? I'll check tomorrow before I start it. Most of today's drive was nice weather but the end was 3 hr. through rain. Some on US 40, which has more 'linear tourist trap' nature than US 20, but maybe the National Road should be allowed that. When I got off the highway, it showed 78 MPG for ~400 miles. I had done a little better on my last trip to these parts, ~81 MPG, but the car was only 5 then.

In other notes, I have connected the driving from a 1995 business trip to Dayton to my larger graph. I can remember all the major roads I've ever driven, and most I've ridden over as a passenger. Someday I may map it.


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