Jun. 27th, 2016

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Mulberries are partly ripe, as are highbush blueberries. I might get a couple of sour cherries this week, but only if I put netting around the few individual fruit I can see starting to change color.

My second planting of corn is poking up through the ground; time to move the soaker hose.

Repaired the rear wheel of Eldest's old bike; the spokes showed corrosion and cracking, but I don't know which came first. But then I lunched the rear derailleur while riding with stops to adjust. First time I've done that in 44 years of derailleur bikes, but it might be that safety margins were shaved somewhere on the path from 'A Ten-Speed' to '21-speed mountain bikes that can't exceed a walking pace in bottom gear'. Or it might be that this Shimano Tourney was the same quality as the spokes.

The rhubarb seedlings continue to prosper, but nothing from the damaged Horse Chestnut seedling yet. I'll have to negotiate with my cat sitters about watering them and the garden while I'm out of town. Everything is quite dry, and the upcoming front is forecast as 'chance of showers' not exceeding 50%. [edit] Alas, the dry weather has doomed the elm south of my old barn. One side is withering and I have little hope it won't kill the rest in the next week or two.

Social weekend: a funeral brought out a few people I hadn't seen in years. And a long-ish drive to the mountains got me to a dinner train trip and a resolve to begin my 2016 hiking with Moat Mountain, which I've seen hundreds of times but never returned to after a 1980s trip had to turn back because parents hadn't brought enough water for young kids on a hot, bright day. Then driving into town and biking to Chinatown to see the 3rd set of friends for the weekend. And then dinner at Osaka in Merrimac, MA determined that the chef knew how to make Singapore Mee Fun. I'm not eager to adjust to this 'pan asian' thing where Udon, Kung Pao and Pad Thai share a single menu, but it seems to be growing.


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