Jun. 24th, 2016

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Planted another 5x 5m rows of Reflection sweet corn a week ago, but none have come up as of this AM. I did rig a soaker hose over these and the initial 5 rows, since the soil is quite dry and my grass is starting to brown. Weather remains cool enough that I haven't been tempted by the beach yet, which may be slowing down the corn.

One tomato doesn't look very happy, but the other 8 look good, so do both kinds of basil and the onions. The first corn is now ~6 cm high. Black raspberries are getting red, blueberries are formed but still green. Alas, the blossoms I saw on my sour cherry apparently didn't get fertilized, as there is very little fruit to be seen on it. Oh, well, I guess tomatoes will have to fill that need.

Little rhubarb seedlings now have multiple leaves and have been separated into individual pots. I'll have to make sure they're tended when I'm out of town.

Also dug up one of the horse chestnut seedlings I'd flagged at the old house. It had been driven over and broken off, but I moved it anyway. Now watering and hoping it can muster the energy for an adventitious bud. It won't need too much tending until it buds, if ever.

Got my tractor back from haying and fixed the long-broken flasher. Then mowed a bit around the place, mostly for clear vision and walking. Then I hosed off the tractor, greased it (12 fittings in the running gear, 12 more in the loader) and worked with wire brush and spray primer here & there.

Did the hammer work necessary to fix the movable hooks on the kitchen pot rack, and adjusted the barn cellar door so one end of it doesn't drag.

Eldest called me on Father's Day. Middle is off LARPing with a helmet he made with tools and a wee bit of help from me. Youngest is riding & doing molecular modeling up on the edge of the mountains, which seems to be keeping her quite busy.

Got an estimate of $3.5K to fix rust on the Civic (including one door which appears to be losing its bottom flange). It would probably get it through another 5 years, which appeals to me as new cars get more and more gadgetized.


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