Jun. 13th, 2016

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The sweet corn I planted was Reflection, an F1 hybrid. Nominal 72 days to maturity, though I can't say if that's from planting, or emergence.

The last apple tree J & I planted has withered, victim of something that girdled the trunk down low or roots below ground level. A deer ate the new growth off the same-aged tree next to it, so I brought out the chicken wire.

At my parents' house I found two horse chestnut seedlings in leaf and a part of one of the rhubarb crowns that had put out leaves. They're all marked, it sounds like I have to move one of them in the next two weeks. If I take a big root ball and pay really close attention to it, it may survive. The others can wait till next spring, I hope, so I can get them dormant.

I'm going to have a lot of black raspberries, probably all at once due to the dry spring. The Winter Rye J planted has also liked this weather, plus the manure she applied - it bodes well to be the biggest crop we've ever harvested. So I have maybe a month to get my AC 66 combine into as good shape as possible for something built in 1958.


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