Jun. 10th, 2016

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June 1: Old friends visiting in the AM, hiked up Chair Hill.

June 2: 9 variegated tomato plants, 9 basil, 4 thai basil , 8 onion sets intermingled at the west end. Soil quite dry, so sprinkler set up to water while they get established.

June 3: Drive 400 km. round-trip to give a presentation on modeling New England passenger trains of the past.

June 4: Drive 160 km. r/t to start learning how to operate century-old trolley cars. Then a nice BBQ with Jane & friends, including a first try at slack-lining.

Then drive 7 hr. in the rain to visit Alice, followed by the only friend of mine who thinks I need to be fixed up with someone. Aside from seeing more of the Adirondack Park than I ever had before, I also helped him understand Poison Ivy, which didn't use to do well in Zone 3.

This evening: Re-tilled the corn patch, after finding that my last mowing of the Shrub From Hell had left spiky fruit spurs in both the tractor's front tires (I'd found out about one two weeks ago, 2nd was slower). Six 5 meter rows of sweet corn planted using Planter #2 (lighter than #1 which is older than me, otherwise not sure why it was bought).

Tomorrow: More trolley training, then a BoD meeting. Sunday I should be able to relax a bit...


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