May. 14th, 2016

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First spring foods: rhubarb crumble that M made, asparagus I steamed & buttered for dinner yesterday. Not much activity yet from the higher, drier asparagus roots, but I'm watching all I've seen in previous years. I also baked bread last week.

Blueberries flowering, purple lilac flowers opening. Chestnuts and Butternuts starting to leaf out. I'll get some Bt-Kurstaki spray to try on the surviving 'potted' apple given to us when my mother died; last year I was picking winter moth larvae out of its buds for weeks and they're present in force again. My other apples are well-enough established that they fight them off. I looked up what the red leaves on a tree planted in 2010 which hasn't thrived indicate: lack of nitrogen, and sure enough, a direct application around the trunk turned them green.

Something's nesting in the hollow crab apple, I think perhaps starlings.

J plowed up a garden patch, I'll let the furrows stand till next week, then till, till again and plant before Memorial Day. M wants corn, tomatoes, basil, we'll see what else.

We cleaned up a lot of the brush and incipient firewood from last winter's pruning, but more remains. The paddock's grubbed brush would be best piled with bucket forks on the tractor, and there's more elm to cut, split & pile.


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