May. 10th, 2016

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The sun hadn't quite set when I finished dinner, so I earned my ice cream by bicycling there, returning as twilight turned to night. I went the flat way, 5.7 mi. one way. Total Big Bike time was about 50 min.

The bikes we rented for Leiden to Keukenhof had 5 speeds. Otherwise most of my recent Dutch biking was on a borrowed 3-speed with a frame better suited for smaller people and flat handlebars extending farther back than ideal. Both had rather broad saddles and chafed me a bit. I might have been able to rent something better, but I would have had to lock it outside on the street. Shipping Big Bike there and back would be a circus, and then I'd be tempted to break the law and ride in traffic when the bike paths were slow or crowded. Old Bike looks like a beater and would be safer from theft but its leather saddle would suffer if parked outdoors. Either would need head & tail lights.

I haven't used Foldy Bike since I retired. It doesn't take up a lot of room, but ideally I'd sell/swap it for a folder that fits me better.


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