May. 9th, 2016

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The elm had tried flowering during March's warm weather, but I never saw any seeds. Now its leaf buds are finally swelling, as are the pawpaws. Dogwood flowers are open but petals still greenish. The year's 1st asparagus shoot got broken taking down the old turkey pen yesterday, but I'll have it for lunch today. The new bees are happier today, but there's enough wind to knock some of the petals off the crab's blossoms. The Northern Spy's buds have barely started to swell while the pears next to it are almost fully in leaf.

M is pressing for a garden, but location and size depend on consensus on how much of what crops to plant. The closest site to the house will need irrigation in late summer, the place where corn & tomatoes' roots can follow the water table down is farther and needs some future firewood advanced down the entropy curve. Meanwhile, I must either re-roof the turkey shed or expect to demolish it before decade's end.

My weight stayed about the same during a month overseas. P & M's mostly vegetarian home cooking helped, but in the UK it would have been all too easy to eat nothing but meat and potatoes. My microbiome went through some non-dramatic changes on the way, but raw carrots restored it to normal when I returned. Now to preserve the muscle tone built up by all that cycling, walking and lugging heavy suitcases.


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