May. 7th, 2016

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I had thought I had understood just how ill-founded $obsolete company$ was, but I was wrong: Of the many checks I wrote to soon-to-be former shareholders in January, five remain uncashed, four of them > 10^3, one > 10^4, with nary a peep from the payees.

I returned home to find the heat had been shut off when the weather warmed up, as I'd requested. But the weather hadn't stayed warm, so it was PJs to bed Thursday night, a 2nd quilt last night and clearing off the cook stove this morning. I will not burn petroleum for heat in May.

I also found that while my lawn had been mostly cleared and mowed, the cat box had only been changed once. Very happy that Bailey had gotten enough outdoors time so she hadn't taken this matter into her own paws.

Some of my apples are still in bud, but the big crab is partly leafed out and beginning to open its flowers. The sour cherry has begun to flower; if the blossoms last till mid-week, I might get a decent crop. Two beehives appeared behind the old horse paddock while I was gone. I saw a few flying in and out just now, but this isn't a day to expect much from them.

The house I grew up in has been gutted. I took a look at the bones yesterday, and understood a lot that would have enlightened my mother could she have known. The two rear rooms in the ell were clearly additions. The remains of the baking ovens were evident. The smoker was left per my instructions. It could have been insulated with blown-in or foam, but only after a lot of work placing proper conduits for power wiring and plumbing. I'll return to photograph the Tyng Mansion's bones before work resumes.

I don't know if I'll be able to find another horse chestnut seedling, and it's getting past the time when I could transplant safely. The dozer leveling for the new garage went farther than I expected and the rhubarb is gone. But the asparagus and wild strawberries are OK for now.


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