Feb. 25th, 2016

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The old house was cold this noontime but we opened the doors while taking stuff downstairs for a 'living room sale' this upcoming Sunday. Errands before and after, but this wore me down.

2 cm of rain yesterday, after we put out the gauge. The storm started out as sneet, then drizzled mostly but with some intervals of steady rain.

Got $obsolete Co.$ data to the tax preparer, so my 2015 work for it is nearing its end. Tried emailing one of the two remaining shareholders but she didn't reply. Try again, I guess.

Drained the charity house because the power company wanted my SSN to transfer the account back from my former tenant to me. No skin off my teeth, I'll save a lot of propane while looking for a purchaser/tenant. And at some point when I feel like lighting the burner I'll write the management, CC the Public Utilities Commission, about appropriate use of SSNs.

Last weekend got a start on pruning, but only the poor crab apple that lost so many branches and the grape vine. Also visited by a couple who think my place could host a couple of beehives, just what my orchard needs.

Monday I have a root canal to look forward to, with other stuff before, during and after the trip to the city.


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