Feb. 16th, 2016

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Another two hours Monday and what's left is (at least not recognizably) much less valuable. Still a lot of old kitchen stuff, too bad the one person I know who collects it wasn't able to come by and may have decided she doesn't have enough room.

About -12 F here Sunday morning, but with all the shutters closed my house did well. In the 20s Monday morning. This morning shirtsleeve weather, making me glad I went out with the shovel at 2345 yesterday, as the snow was changing to rain.

I forgot to mention that last week M and I cleaned the dining room, including getting the stains from the long-ago maple syrup experiment off all the visible walls. And I cooked a ham and Brown Bread, M made carrots and mashed, then we had the neighbors over for dinner. They brought an apple pie and a good time was had by all.

Parenthetically, neither of my wives was social enough to do the 'clean up & serve dinner' thing for company beyond family and close friends, so this was the first time the neighbors had been in the house. The older woman has been living in the house since before I moved here in 1988, and A. visited their house and pool frequently in her elementary school years.


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