Feb. 3rd, 2016

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It was a Haralson, picked carefully in the 3rd week of October, stored in a lidded bucket in my barn and then my El. I'd put it in the fridge a week ago in case M. would want it, but today it was lunch. Sound, sweet, not as crisp as it would have been a month ago. I think I've got this storing apples thing covered. Now to hope I get a crop this odd, odd year.

I bought some fruit last week, but I've still got a few Golden Russets. They weren't perfect when I picked them up (I was traveling when they ripened and fell) and have lost a lot of moisture. The sound flesh is still crunchy and sweet, though, and I'll be sure to reserve a clean bucket for any I get next year.

The pump is still sucking some air, but the thaw raised the water level some and I hope today's rain will raise it more. Except where we piled January's mite of snow up, the ground is bare everywhere I can see.

Another friend diagnosed with cancer. Found very early, due to PSA testing. He has high hopes for treatment.

Right arm still sore, but I continue to work on my projects.

Nobody running against me for Selectman; one person considered it, but decided he didn't want to have to quit being a volunteer fireman (even if he'd gone ahead, he couldn't have voted on anything relating to the FD anyway).


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