Jan. 19th, 2016

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Sunreturn is evident. For my birthday, I went to a 'water resort' courtesy of A., and ate a cake courtesy of J. Youngest called. Many people took the Zuckerberg path to note the event, but I didn't see that till Friday. My sister put a card in my newspaper box.

I had a better time at the SF convention than in many years, but didn't find any of the program content to have a good enough combination of 'conveniently scheduled' and 'interesting' for me to attend. Instead, I did eight staff massages and helped a bit with two of M's endeavors. I didn't even think about restaurants; staff den was scanty at times but that contributed to me returning home at the same weight I left. I visited a number of parties and met most of the people I expected to see, just not the one I'd promised a massage to.

I wore Middle's hat, blue side out, with my green cloak. M helped me make a wire 'brim sustainer'. It worked, but the soft iron wire used isn't suitable for the long run - I don't want to ruin it with rust stains. The hat was widely admired, and I didn't knock any decorations down. If I'd been sure I could park at the hotel, I could have brought a staff, sandals and a 2nd indoor-only outfit. As it was, I spent a fair amount of time barefoot.

Our 13th floor room was troubled by a lot of banal 0-dark-hundred chatter from the neighbors, and I eventually noticed we could see light from their room when ours was off: the wall didn't actually touch the ceiling slab. I explained this to the Concierge, but the full rate was still charged. I wonder if they noticed our getting up 4-5 hours after they'd finally settled down. At least I had easy stair access to Massage Den and Staff Den. I rode elevators to things downstairs.

Home to 3" of snow on top of ice mung, but cold enough that I could switch to wood. Furnace was very slow to light, seemed like clogged air distribution passages from the blower. No diagram, no cleaning procedure in the manual, I wonder if a call to the distributor would rise above 'a bit of my life I wish I'd spent otherwise'.


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