Jan. 13th, 2016

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My indoor cat sleeps on my bed in the cold months, unless I have human company. But Monday before dawn, we both heard a mouse squeak; she went downstairs but I didn't hear anything more. Monday night at bedtime, she was asleep downstairs in her foam cat nest on the couch. I wondered, but didn't call or carry her up. Tuesday morning, I found a dead mouse on the living room floor. So at least some cats plan.

Only three shareholders (one balky, one awaiting word from the priest, er, lawyer, one disorganized) of the obsolete company remain. And I made the call that shifts the process of emptying the unwanted house from family to professionals.

I have a birthday tomorrow, but more or less since Arisia grew to a 3+ day event, there's no point in having a party on the obvious weekend. Yes, I could drink some beer and have a big bonfire, but would I get even half a dozen guests? Of course, by myself that might be all I could responsibly host. At least it's an effective reminder for Estimated Taxes. Anyway, I'll consider the weather forecast as next week starts: Saturday the 23rd would work in other ways.

I didn't make any New Years' Resolutions, but one suggests itself: walk a mile as many days as I can.

Most of my other activities of the past two weeks are not journal fodder - being a bureaucrat for model railroaders, house chores, being a model railroader, driving long distances in bad weather. Hi ho.


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