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Sun: Installed the replacement Pt1000 thermistor for the evacuated tube collector; it works! Visit from an old MR friend provided an excuse to clean the house. The Thai bathroom sprayer is convenient for cleaning the fixtures too.
Sat: Hot and humid, business & shopping in Nbpt., then mostly computer stuff and cleaning.
Fri: To Seashore for trackwork; Spiking the new ties till a truck arrived with ~18 tonnes of rail donated by the MBTA. Much more time spent working around a crane than I've done in two decades. Got a kepi and some cheap shorts & gloves at KTP on my way home.
Thu: Haymaking East & Southeast of the paddocks at KH. Drove the baler, rode wagon, unloaded.
Wed: Received my Seashore bag via USPS. Showing Mieke how gas engines work: oil change on Kat's splitter, then put a 30" mower on the Gravely and cut nettle. PTO clutch acting up. Dinner with old FTP friends in Portsmouth.
Tue: Had the barn well pump pulled. Took it apart, found a little water inside. Apparently had gotten high enough to wet the brushes and the thermal overload device. Found new brush assembly on fleabay.
Mon: Finding many tent caterpillars on my apple trees. First noticed on the potted tree, but they've done damage to most of the other apples. Baldwin seems most resistant. Odd that they aren't making tents? They cluster a little but are usually found on leaves and branches on the shady side.
Sun 6/18: William called for Father's Day
Sat 6/17: Operations training at Lowell. Ran #966 over all routes, got my L stamp. Then to BoS party, left by 10 PM
Fri 6/16: No trackwork, but went to Railfun. Left my Seashore bag there, took a while to find out Andy had it.
Tue 6/13: New Sumitomo Touring tires on the Civic. Not the right low-rolling-resistance tires, but all Drew's could get. I will experiment with tire pressures vs. MPG.
Sun 6/11: Tried buffing compound on the Civic's scrapes, cleaned all the marks right up!
Sat 6/10: Lowell training postponed due to wire issues. Hub BoD in Wellesley.
Fri 6/9: No trackwork due to questionable weather.
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