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Today: Feel a bit run down, possibly weather, or pollen, or planetary vibes. 70-ish early, then 90-ish afternoon, still above 80 as 10 PM approaches. And humid since the sun went down.

Nevertheless, a sunrise climb on the roof to address the non-working solar hot water. Turned out to be a sensor which should be showing about 1.2K ohms at this temperature, but is reading maybe 70 ohms. 23 years old, so nobody at the current owner of the domain name knows a part number to replace it. So it's off to troll the electronic supply community and read spec sheets till something turns up.

Another round of not-my-family's gotcha last. Attempt to buy some stuff, but punted because several items are out of stock; don't need it so badly I'd pay shipping twice. Took off 8 storm windows today, five yesterday, plus the battery box heat collector.

Then down to the cool, cool barn cellar to diagnose the Insight. I'd driven it more after the Honda Barn experience, but it was clear the starting battery wasn't charging. Put it on my solar panel charging bus. Read the Shop Manual, find that's because there's no 'alternator', just a DC-DC converter that runs off the IMA pack/charger. Code P1542 (heater weirdness?) appears to have been a side effect of the low battery. Code P1449 (cell voltage deviation) went away after resetting the MCU. The net offers a potential explanation: IMA failed as I was accelerating hard onto I-93 from 128. One or more cells may be weakening after 6 years (first battery lasted 11 years). So I'll try more RPM and less battery on future highway merges. There appears to be someone who rebuilds IMA battery packs: remember insightcentral.net

Yesterday I fired up Louise's last lawn mower and did the bits that the service missed. They returned today, probably a higher frequency than I want. The clover M and I seeded last week is up, hope it will get at least a little rain in the next few days. Asparagus has made a 2nd crop. The mature rhubarb plant is ready to harvest, all 6 of the seedlings made it through the winter. Apple petals starting to fall. Not much fruit set on the Nova or Summercrisp pears, which flowered earliest. Decent set on the Seckel & ???. Can't really tell about peach set yet. Pawpaw and beach plum in full flower.

Something is biting me - I had thought the spots of rash might be Poison Ivy, but they don't develop like that. No fleas revealed by combing Bailey. Onset not long after helping my ex-tenants. Time to dig deeper.

More rain than forecast last Sunday - guessing 2", time to put the rain gauge out.

Saturday to Lowell for the NHS Trolley Operator safety meeting. Then back to help the tenants take stuff away (anything they take we don't have to pay to throw away).

Friday the 12th I did track work at Seashore - Charlie and I did the hand work for 8 ties replaced.

Date: 2017-05-19 02:01 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] miekec
Yay clover. And rhubarb. And asparagus!


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