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I spent the morning helping a seriously dysfunctional family move out of the house where I've been more or less their landlord. The addict father had barricaded himself in his room yesterday till the police talked him out of it, then taken off in a very questionable automobile. The Parkinsons patient mother was calling every number she could think of trying to find someone to drive their pickup while she drove the U-Haul. He was broken down on the side of the road and too far away to help even if he'd been interested. One kid absent, one present & helping with a friend, their youngest trying intermixed with being a troubled middle schooler. Looked all around, couldn't find a broom or even an automobile windshield brush.

The mess was awful, way way too many years of walking over cruft rather than dealing with it. There were issues with the house, but we hadn't been able to get contractors to come back to the place after their first job there. Given the number of windows they'd broken, freezing in the winter and humming with mosquitoes in the summer. Rats around, which was made more complicated by their occasionally having pet rats. Cold reptiles whose heat had apparently been turned off yesterday while the TV was on till just before it went out the door.

Stuff went on the truck dirty, including a bunch of mattresses you could get better than off the street on trash day. Viewing the litter I could see considerable money spent to little benefit. I have no idea what they think will happen to the contents of the fridge, or the absent father's tools, clothes, skis etc. I've got to get the place boarded up, then emptied, then looked at for structural issues.

So what's to be done? Things appeared to be working when they moved in more than a decade ago, but then there was a back injury which led to disability and lots of pain pills, which made profits for pharma but ultimately became more expensive than illegal opiates. And I expect depression arrived, either before or after the Parkinsons. Towards the end, there was co-dependence - living together let them survive on the checks they were getting; living apart wouldn't work. Lots of time killed in that house, lots of ideas and hopes hatched and then starved or frozen to death. I hope the kids who've gotten out didn't take too much of it with them.

I need a shower, but it'll wait till after I go be a Selectman.

Date: 2017-05-10 10:57 pm (UTC)
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thank you for helping them. I think we did the best we could as landlords.

Date: 2017-05-11 12:56 am (UTC)
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Towards the end, there was co-dependence - living together let them survive on the checks they were getting; living apart wouldn't work.



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