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I won't be posting to LJ anymore.

16 days in the UK just now:
- 205 lb. on return, just as on departure. But I walked 75 miles, including an 11 mile day in London.
- I know that because I brought the traveling smartphone and bought a 15 pound SIM from O2. Plenty left over after a good deal of browsing and navigation.
- ate a lot of Indian and Chinese food because of my traveling companions, which included a lot of MSG
- met a lot of people, at preserved railways, museums, pubs and via family connections
- drove about 1,300 miles on the other side of the road. I only made 3 mistakes with potentially serious consequences, none of which materialized.
- saw a lot of pretty English countryside, but very few places to park and admire it.
- their letting people park on both sides of a barely 2-lane road with no shoulder is scary, even with a 20 MPH speed limit. Worse at 40 MPH.
- overall a plus given a full car and many suburban or rural destinations. Future trips may be car or public transit depending on circumstances.
- Aer Lingus via Dublin airport:
- efficient except for 15 minutes standing around waiting for a group of Immigration people to 'change staff' They were all at their places doing things, but I couldn't tell if they had InterPol mug shots or their social media up on their screens.
- pre-clearance didn't actually save time on the return trip, it was just on the check-in end rather than at arrival.
- airport beer was about 6 euros a liter so I didn't buy any.
- no free in-flight alcoholic drinks for the hoi polloi and not awfully generous with other liquid.
- The Midlands and the Peak District are definitely worth return visits.
- So are the British Museum and Kew Gardens.
- Art museums in Liverpool and Manchester were smaller so we saw most of the exhibits. Same with the Imperial War Museum North.
- less rain/damp than I expected, so clothing I packed worked out pretty well.

Tuesday 83F which has started all the trees budding and blooming. Heard peepers and a woodcock. My little blue flowers appear to have beaten the crocuses.

50 gal. of oil bought before I left pretty much matched use. Furnace is now off, but it won't stay that way if colder weather returns.

Paperwork for the NMRA 'Chief Dispatcher' AP certificate was filed in February, but I haven't heard if it's been accepted. I'm working on the 'Structures' paperwork now.

Date: 2017-04-12 08:18 pm (UTC)
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Oh man, I bet I would love Kew Gardens. I can wander around the US Botanic Garden in DC endlessly.

Did you have any issues with trees budding too early and getting hit by the frost? I think all the flower buds are dead on the (decorative) apple tree out front.

Date: 2017-04-12 08:40 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] c1
I read this the wrong way initially, but you'd mentioned your weight, and the fact that you walked 75 miles, and then mentioned a 15 pound SIM card in your possession. And you were talking about eating lots of yummy food. And I thought "well, duh, he was lugging that SIM card around. He was getting plenty of exercise."

And then it struck me that a 15 pound SIM card must be huge.

They have the biggest and best SIM cards over there. Nobody does SIM cards as well as they do...


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