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I read friends entries back to about 12/25, but the current LJ site won't show me anything earlier; I missed from my last post on Dec. 12 through Xmas. Guess I'd better see about the DW account I made years ago but never used.

After the last snowstorm, my batteries were low, the sun was out but none of my panels had self-cleared. Observed 24 amp charging current after clearing them.

Was thinking about road salt; I think that a culvert that's been blocked for a long time is forcing a lot of the salt runoff from the road to filter into the ground. It's contaminated one of my wells, and might also be why several of my pear trees are shedding their leaves in late summer when the water table drops. I may need to fund the work, but returning the trees to production and making the well usable would be worth considerable to me.

Built the last two interlockings on my layout; still have four mast signals to build but the project is nearing its end. An afternoon's work should complete the paperwork for the NMRA's 'Chief Dispatcher' certificate.

The Insight had been parked since the first snow/ice storm more than a month ago. Left rear had leaked all the way down, but it started OK once I'd pumped them all up.

3 massages today, two yesterday, one Thursday. No soreness. And I searched out a rarely-used muscle I'd hurt last summer. It hadn't healed properly because I never used it, but now that I know how to tweak it, I'm expecting it to be cleared up in a few weeks. I've made progress in training two of my toes to move separately and extending the amount of my back I can touch too.

Some fun showing Nid around Boston, but Arisia has been mixed for her; interesting costumes, art, etc. But a lot of those here are either sticking to very well-trodden social paths or aren't really up for a conversation with someone who can do pretty well when people speak clearly and unhurriedly.
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