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Current on LJ. Weighed 201.5 on my return, up to about 205 now. Less exercise, restaurant meals, haven't baked any of my own bread since early spring. I can make up for that by spending more time hungry. No reflex issues vs. the side of the car the driver sits on. Surprised (unpleasantly) to see how late the foliage has been lasting, and how warm it's been.

Election Day: Working in Town Hall, I had a bad feeling. The walk-in registrations looked different than 4 years ago: almost all white and 40+. Tired from 36 hours awake Sun/Mon, so to bed and got the bad news in the morning.

Wed. - Fri: Got some wood cut & split, dealt with bills and backlog from town gov't and volunteer work. A bit of a smile over FL voting the suicide ticket. But as others have pointed out, no matter how seriously anyone in the US talks about it, we have not been doing much. Only the Germans and the Danes (AFAIK) are actually making much progress in shedding fossil fuels. Sleep somewhat disrupted, thinking politics and futures did not mix well with a 12 hour time change. Looking at soil types, pH and elevation in a variety of places.

Weekend: Got home from Saturday's BoD meeting at Midnight. Sunday downtown for Dim Sum, then out to the west suburbs for a party with old friends. The sort of party where I could get into a 20 min. discussion of Ack timing and window policy with another TCP implementer. Stayed till the end.

Monday was the 2nd stage of the current root canal. Borrowed a bike and rode downtown to the appointment, weather was almost too warm for my Category 2 reflective hoodie. Dr. was running late, my 3 roots took 90 min., slow annoying trip home in traffic.

Yesterday and today have been all work on the model RR: structures, scenery. The Tour de Chooch is the weekend after Thanksgiving, many layouts N and NW of Boston open both days: www.tourdechooch.org Rain yesterday evening, drizzle today instead of the promised clearing.


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