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Most of today went to a model RR event in Stratham, then I put the last four storms on this afternoon. Barn windows are closed too. A few cherry tomato plants are still alive, I will cover them again tonight. I've lit the cook stove a few times, and kept it burning for heat after dinner. But the forecast implies that won't be an issue next week, with highs near 20C again.

Friday I got a truckload of stuff from Newburyport, mostly the mower and snowblower. The latter required a mighty effort to push up the ramp after it refused to start.

Thursday was another trip to the dentist, to scrutinize and ultimately remove the loose piece of tooth missed by everyone who worked on last week's root canal. Then a saddening walk by Haymarket, seeing the upscale eateries and so forth gobbling up the row of 7-day-a-week food stores that used to line the street. Nobody seems to learn from what happened to Harvard Sq. The Globe had an obit for King Bhumibol of Thailand, plus two other half-page stories about his birth in Cambridge and other Boston area connections.

Wednesday's meeting produced evidence suggesting that nobody involved in our emergency services has done any billing paperwork since early this year. It may be possible to recover, it may have all been lost. I don't like how our world has become 'You gotta fill out the form first..." but it would take a major nationwide attitude adjustment to change it, and these people must get with the program.

Middle came to dinner Tuesday and we talked till late-ish. He continues to cast things in aluminum and do interesting LARP-related construction projects.


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