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Today: Weight crept up to 206; probably because the local corn was limited by the drought and is now exhausted, also a change of intestinal flora last week.

Monday: I drove M up to Seashore. We donned our armor and spent two hours pulling poison ivy in advance of hordes of families at Pumpkin Patch. Then I caught the Downeaster up to Portland and back in order to see the line from a dome car. Beautiful weather, beautiful views, not at all crowded in the dome.

Sunday: My layout open for people returning from Augusta & the National Narrow Gauge Convention. Coming home from Maine to most of the rest of the world usually involves driving down I-95, to Logan for most of our visitors: DE, UK (2), CA (2) and California (2).

Saturday: Drive back from Augusta via Seashore for Member's Day, then into suburban Boston for a party & home again.

Friday: Visit Boothbay Railroad Village. Quite a few historic structures, a modest collection of New England artifacts, an HO layout with a working signal system using photosensor detection. And a fully-certified boiler shop supporting their two small German steam engines (they're making a new boiler for an American loco they got too). Definitely worth hanging around for the Shop Tour, even though we were late for the Lobster Bake. As usual at these events, I got all the lobster I could eat by way of dissecting the bodies. And then photos of the Contest Room and a photo tour of Newfoundland and its (former) railways 1967 - 1988.

Thursday: Visit the Waterville, Wiscasset & Farmington restoration in Alna, ME. A friend who's a member gave us a tour; nice operation, lots going on, much enthusiasm among the membership. The train was full, so I'm going back at some point to get the ride. And maybe join.

Wednesday: My layout open for people driving to Augusta for the NNGC. 30 visitors, layout ran well but talking to people all day left me wanting relaxation after 4 PM. M helped as guide downstairs.

Tuesday: House cleaning. Total of 1.5 CM rain as a front passed through overnight. Lots of wind but no thunderstorms here.

Sunday 9/4: Helped someone move in Medford. The destination house was a few doors down from the one I helped J move to in 1991, and built to a similar plan. So big stuff that wouldn't fit up the stairs had to be hoisted up over the 2nd floor porch railing. Big lunch of indian food, so light dinner.

Saturday 9/3: Drove Foldy Bike to Nbpt., rode to Riverfest & saw Mike, Jon etc.


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