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My corn is being clobbered by something; I've had to eat a lot before it was as ripe as I like. Nothing I have in the 'temporary fence' area is going to keep out a raccoon; I'll have to see what's available before next summer. But the corn is good for me, my weight continues to creep down despite 6 little ears for dinner last night.

2 cm rain yesterday, in a short gentle afternoon shower and a heavier rain before sunset. The only thing that will save this year will be some tropical depressions making it this far north. I have some hope for Monday, regardless of the holiday-makers.

Horse manure mulching trees in the orchard, now the asparagus bed, probably the garden as I start to uproot corn that won't make any more ears. Model RR work proceeding, house cleaning to follow Tuesday before the tour Wed.

The replacement battery bank is likely to arrive mid-month. That will be one hard day's work getting the old bank apart, out of the box and ready to ship, then another's reversing the process for the new batteries. I need to prep the crane, or maybe some other kind of hoist. I hope I have some date flexibility, as I'm booked for a multi-day trip in that time range. I am also going to look into help, paid or volunteer.

Solar hot water controller's relay has bitten the wax tadpole; when I have time to embrace another project, it will be 'replace the relay with a better-rated one' vs. 'new controller'.
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